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Medicom’s Conference Portal provides registered physicians with the latest congress news & beyond:

Conference Reports 

Medicom Medical Publishers publishes medical scientific content from over 35 major annual international medical congresses annually

Our mission is to get scientifically vetted highlights from the main medical congresses to the physician faster. We fill the time gap between the congress and publication in scientific literature. We bring the conference to the Physician.

Medicom publishes the following content from a Conference:

Online First Articles

    • News articles, released during or immediately after the congress
    • Quality level: copy- and language editing

Medicom Congress Round-Up

    • A collection of scientifically edited, news articles with the key findings of the most relevant congress sessions
    • Quality level – 4 step review: copy- and language editing, scientific editing, review & approval by independent Editor
    • Published 2-3 weeks after the conference

Medicom Conference Report Series in Medicine

    • Independent peer-reviewed highlights from the major international conferences.
    • Reports include key findings, updated guidelines, state-of-the-art reviews, clinical updates, and late-breaking trial results, enriched with KOL interviews, podcasts and selected licensed conference videos.
    • Quality level- 5 step peer-review: copy- and language editing, scientific editing, peer-review, and review & approval by independent external Editor
    • Published 8 weeks after the conference

Disease Areas 

A collection of news articles per disease area and includes relevant scientifically edited Medicom conference news articles and Reuters publications.

Other Medical News 

A collection of relevant scientifically edited Medicom news articles  and Reuters publications sorted by medical specialty.


The Medicom Podcast Channel includes summaries of articles presented at the major international medical conferences, presented by our Editor Dr. Rachel Giles.


The Medicom Conference Video Channel includes selected licensed conference videos.


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